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South Africa based Zari The Boss Lady was forced to put all her activities on hold just to fly back to Uganda and sort out the mess that had caused her shop (Zari Jewels) to be closed by the Inland Revenue.

Zari confirmed on her wall that her 'baby' was open and customers should grace themselves for new stock. However, what shocked our snoop was the fact that she was not wearing any ring.


Now this is not surprising bearing in mind that these two had a fight recently and Zari had actually thought of walking out on Ivan, the father of her three children but later had to reconsider her decision on the advise of her sister, Zuleha.

Zari and Ivan were to wed soon after a lavish introduction ceremony in December last year that saw Ivan give three hundred cows, a Hummer car to Zari as a present, a Golf to the Muko and a Spacio to Zari's mother plus an assortment of other gifts.

The couple later treated revellers to an After party at Serena hotel with performances from Jose Chameleone, Moze Radio and Aziz Azion among others. Ivan and Zari's house is on fire and the wedding is not on their priority list. Ivan was seen hanging out with the boys alone, something that was rare at least from close sources to the couple

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